API Documentation

General information and examples on how to use our API.

Endpoint: https://paste.rmly.dev/createPaste/api

Method: POST


The paste content is the request body.

The paste name (optional) is a URL parameter.

The paste password (optional) is a URL parameter.

Usage examples

Example using cURL:

$ curl -X POST 'https://paste.rmly.dev/createPaste/api?name=test123&password=test' -d "Hello, World!"

Example using Axios within Node.JS:

const axios = require('axios').default
async function createPaste(content, name, password) {
  const response = await axios.post(`https://paste.rmly.dev/createPaste/api?name=${name}&password=${password}`, content)
createPaste('Hello, World!', 'test123', 'test')

Example result:

    "status": "success",
    "password": "test",
    "url": "https://paste.rmly.dev/1OeIi/test123"